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This page is the rants,this is where i can just go out on everything!

8.6.02   Bad Driving
 there are Three kinds of drivers,first you got your idiots,the guys that drive around and don't give a shit and cause alot of wrecks,Then you have the Fast But Normal drivers,Who drive over the speed limit but watch what they are doing,then you have the Uptight divers who go under the speed limit,and are very cautious, 
8.5.02  Zakk Wylde
Okay,has anyone else read the artical that Zakk Wylde talks about the bands he likes and the bands he don't like,well anyways,in the artical he says
"I don't like KoRn,Linkin Park.Stone Temple Pilots,or Bush for one reason,they don't play the solos"
And why the hell does that make them suck,Just because they don't jump around on stage moving there fingers really fast?
"I think when you don't play solos,it is a sign of pure laziness"
Well look at where the laziness got them,Zakk,they are more famous then the black lable society ever will be!!!!
"But that's just my opinion,everyone has there own"
You want mine,I think you are a homo in love with your damn guitar.