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July 7th - July 14
    Well hello again everyone,I know there has been a lot of progress done on my site and I just finished up my lyrics on here,so you can all enjoy them,Although i'll still be adding more lyrics from different bands later.Anyways,I have a CD review for you that you might wanna buy,Fear Factory's Demanufacture,I know it's a little late for it but,it's still good,all the tracks on it are long and good,so you can put that down on your buy list.I saw black hawk down the other day and it was good,it starts out kinda boring at the beginning but don't fall asleep just yet,because you need to watch the beginning to understand the rest.Play the sims,it is a game where you make your own characters and play real live things with them,
     Well nothing really special happened in the news this week so bye.
June 30th-July 7
Well hello there everyone...Obviously you know this is my first week in working on this site,I added a bunch of lyrics including Alice in chains and coal chamber.I have worked alot on my site.Well,enough about me lets talk about good cds you might wanna buy:Alien ant farm's anthology is a good cd,Make yourself by incubus is pretty good and I highly reccomend the Untouchables by Korn,Korn's a very talented band and they are my there new cd!.Now lets talk about movies:Recently I saw a movie called Bless The Child,it is a good movie but it is kinda strange,I saw the crow recently afterwards and it was pretty good and also rollerball,I didnt see all of it but it was pretty good!Now lets go to the video games that I reccomend:Resident Evil for the game cube,it is a fun game to get attached to and it could get really irritating,I kept about a week after i was supposed to take it back trying to beat it and i still didnt win!Now lets go to the TV shows reviews:South Park just released a new season of horrific shows.
   Enough of the reviews,Now let's go to the news : a man tried to burn down Arizona the other day,and I don't think that he's been caught yet.Now in related news,a man was shot and killed the other day and i witnessed it all.There was a drunk idiot at the concession stand and he got into a fight with another guy,and i dont wether he was drunk or not.But they fought for a while then the drunk guy pulled out a gun and shot the other guy in the stomach,then he took off running in a car and tried to leave and hit 2...count em 2 people on the way out.The guy died the next morning!
  Well thats all for this week!