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Ok I just wanna say that these are very old!

How Much I Hate MTV
First off,I wanna tell everyone how much I hate MTV,up until recently
there was a channel called MTV X,it was an all rock channel and it was
the best thing to ever hit MTV ,but,just a few days ago,they took
it out and changed it to MTV J,which stands for MTV JAMS,and it is an
all rap,all pop channel...which makes me mad.Because if I wanted
to watch anything with rap or pop or something really fake like that,Id
turn it to regular MTV,but when MTV isnt playing
Rap,or Pop,they are playing a Road Rules/Real World marathon in which they
play the same episodes over and over and over,or they are playing TRL with
that fag Carson Daly who is playing the same Nsync Or Backstreet boys
videos that sound just a like,and when they do play rock videos,they dont
stay on the count down for propably no more than a day.
   Now dont expect me to change the channel over to VH1,because it is
alot like MTV exept they play more PoP.And when THEY are not playing
that crap they are playing a behind the music with some old rock star
that no one has ever heard of before and he's like 56 talking about what
it was like back in the days when he was in a band.
     Anyways i just wanted everyone everyone to know how
much I hate MTV (and VH1)
Limp Bizkit and it's whiny members
Next,I wanna talk about a band called limp bizkit...alright,now that you read about them Id like to discuss how the lead singer fred durst goes around whining and complaining because he thinks that bands like Crazy Town and Linkin Park are a mimic of his band limp bizkit,now I know all you people at home that know how much I dislike Linkin Park you are expecting me to take Limp bizkits side,nope!I'mactually taking linkin parks side and saying That limp bizkit would be no where right now if it wasnt for a band called KoRn...If it wasnt for KoRn,Fred Durst would still be down in Jacksonville doing Tattoos.
Now I like Limp Bizkit,And I like there Music,but I've listened to the Linkin Park CD and the Crazy Townn CD and neither one of them sound anything like Limp Bizkit's CDs so just get over yourselves
Suicidal Tendencies
Now I wanna talk about how Over the past decade,a bunch of bands and band members have been dying by overdosing drugs.and how half the time the press will call it suicide without any evidence.and when they do that the next day it'll be all over the world in news papers and stuff::And then it starts to make me think ,what if the guy didnt commit suicide.what if he just took some bad drugs or maybe he was murdered and somebody planted drugs all over him::the press dont care about that,as long as it sells in the paper,they dont care wether he was murdered or not
they are getting paid for a guy dying which makes me mad,because thats just like saying they want someone to die.
Anyways moving on>>>>>>
Next i want to talk about Courtney Love and Curt Cobain,Back when curt cobain was around,he was in a rock band called nirvana,and he was with some whore named courtney Love,after he got Big and Famous,he supposely commited suicide.That isnt what I think happened,I think Courtney killed him,and I have plenty of evidence to back me up,See,When they found him dead,they say that he took alot of heroin and shot you cant take as much heroin as they said he had...even if he did have that much in him,he wouldn't have been able to pull the trigger,and when they found the gun and checked for finger prints,somebody had wiped it down and there were no finger prints,
   But the one thing that got everyone thinking he killed himselfwas a note he left,it was supposedly a suicide letter,now i think that he wrote it and all,but ive read the letter online and it had nothing to do with suicide,it was just talking about him leaving the band.I think i proved my point.
Moving on--------->>>>

NOTE:I will not change any of this.