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welcome to my world,
head first to the earth
with my sites on the CONDEMNED kill switch
ive become the fuse
charged with attitude
fixed and diolated
by my ANGER!
i have become a direct
i have become a current
i have become a direct
i have become insurgent
i will be the power surge
shock to the system
electrified amplified
shock to the system
alternate my wires
heat my core desires
i will not stand for CONDEMNATION!
ive become the volt
to lead the revolt
fuck with me ensues certain danger
i am the insurgent
i am the power surge
shock to the system!
Conceived in a hell beyond your depts of perception
chaotic case of conquering domination
phsyco path snaps fired chains of imprisonment
a bludgeoning force thats undermanning the governtment
inflict strain upon the structure,collapsing below my pressure
break of the edgecrusher
the purist non comformists jaded sub human terrorist
from flesh to steel and blood to blade i fght to exist
arrival of justice extreme rush of hatred
survival in a twisted world where nothing is sacred
Fear me not but fear my hell
man made me so i could kill
praise me in the name of war
i destroy both rich and poor
i am the way prepare for salvation
praise in time of suffering
man alone is a weakling
ascension is what you ask
i will be the fall of man
those of you who dare to stray
i will tear your mind away
those of you who dare to stray
i will take your life away
Invade and incompass to judge an dissect
witness and persecute to serve and protect
watchful and aware,constrain every movement
admit the consequences,freedoms an illusion
where is security,governed through scrutiny
your privacy denied organized and confined
no place to hide
there is no place to hide but in your mind conform design
to conceive your rights,conceive your mind surrender to authority
all must abide and all must adhere,
future oppresion becoming more clear
this is a warning so you must take heed
this coming vision is a reality
Falling victims from neglect
designed thoughts and intellect
forgotten and displaced
the crux of my dismay
i feel nothing,i am nothing
how deep do i descend,till i reach my end
deeper into this abyss
weighted down and sinking fast
life would not offer me
more than false destiny!
Hi-Tech Hate
These weapons of mass destruction
around our world,threat to us all
operated by fears,cold over years
systematic death,terminal breath
leaders of our time just stand behind
an arsenal to end us all!
fighting a war,we cant ignore,
destined to fall cowards to all
we are losing weapons controlling
this is the hour,of your reckoning
no more arsenal threatens all
heading for a downfall,mass destruction for all!
Freedom or Fire
How can you accept social surpression
in this weak state of mind in our time
i demand relaease of hypocrisy
id rather die than be held down forced down
freedom or fire
im on the threshold of revolution
id rather burn than be held down,forced down
unrestrained determination
set ablaze set ablaze
locked in chains of this sovereightny
let me be cause i long to be free
Nothing is the way it seems
Discerning man from machines now
Dominate as to erase
Wiping man off Earth's face now
Defaced by all inept justice
Shamed by the mental abuses
Branded "inferior weakness"
Ordered to cease and to desist!
man is obsolete,our world obsolete
man is obsolete,erased,exstinced
Fueling engines through deceit
To eradicate humanity
Consumed with memories that proceeded today
givin the chance to berieve life is slipping away
suffered through tragedy,of my slow decay
deceptive tendencies,dragged my soul away
all that i know there was no God for me
force that shatters all,abscence of mortality
revive all my fears,revive wasted tears
revive void within,revive once again
forsaken by destiny,forsaken by my own mind
i must remove my skin to see belief in your eyes
reach for the sky,touch the sky
revive a hope for mankind
Ive felt darkness closing in on me
Chilling shadows,surrounding me
Ive had the poison leak into my skin
and it corroded my soul away
bled away
cut away
dark night of my soul

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