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Everything Zen

there must be something we can eat
maybe find another lover
should I fly to Los Angeles
find my asshole brother

minnie mouse has grown up a cow
daves on sale again
we kissy kiss in the rear view
were so bored
youre to blame

try to see it once my way
everything zen
everything zen
I dont think so

raindogs howl for the century
a million dollars a steak
as you search for your demi-god
and you fake with a saint
theres no sex in your violence
theres no sex in your violenc
try to see it once my way
everything zen
everything zen
I dont think so

I dont believe that elvis is dead
I dont believe that elvis is dead
I dont believe that elvis is, elvis is

theres no sex in your violence


could not believe
came here today
helmet was on
you blew me away
house is on fire
were naked again
maybe all we need
is water and friends

shackles and chains
wont keep me away
temple is you
and my brow is insane

I wanna be just like you
I wanna feel right through you
I wanna see just with you
I wanna live
I wanna die you

thinning ice
14 hairdryers
swimming to you
flame on earth desire
poor on the rise
rich on the fall
this cripples with you
fame is a whore

I wanna fit inside you
I wanna room inside you
if money talks I wanna buy you
I wanna die
I wanna die
I wanna live you

Im not scared of you
gave up on drugs
if I make it through
the jaws of love
jaws of love

you give


wanted to buy you shiny red things
thought Id be with you until the end
how did I know that I would be there
blow me away
see if I care

death of a future
goodbye to my friends
wish I could see you all again
family hollow
family real
wish you were here see how I feel

kill a man
kill a girl
kill a man
kill a girl

jekyll in you
brins out the wired in me
I have no defense
Im all that you see
the night is a bomb blast
the night is on fire
sing with me in the gasoline choir

and you say you want to change our minds
Ive paid for your belief with mine
of all the bravest stands in ti;me

you stoop so low youll never rise

Little Things

I bleach the sky
every night
loaded on wrong
and further from right
spinning around
two howling moons
cos there always there
whatever I do

the river is loaded
Ive been there today
tool it some questions
she does me again
Id die in your arms
if you were dead too
here comes a lie
we will always be true

going up
when coming down
scratch away
its the little things that kill
tearing at my brains again
the little things that kill
the little things that kill

bigger you give
bigger you get
were boss at denia
l but our best at forget
cupboard is empty
we really need food
summer is winter
and you always knew

going up when coming down
scratch away

I touch you mouth
my willy is food
addicted to love
Im addicted to you shit
I kill you once
I kill you again
were starving and crude
welcome my friends to

the little things that kill


love and hate get it wrong
she cut me right back down to size
sleep the day let it fade
who was there to take your place
no one knows never will
mostly me but mostly you
what do you say do you do
when it all comes down
I dont want to come back down from this cloud
taken me all this time to find out what I need
and Im doing fine now
theres no blame only shame
when you beg you just complain
more I come more I try
all police are paranoid
so am I sos the future
so are you be a creature
what do you say do you do when it all comes down


hush child lay your sweet lips on me
this greed bigger than you and me
will you come again
tongue tied and a visceral third degree
feel warm center of gravity
wash us all away
body never lies
will you come again
will we stay friends
oh you paralyze
there are times when I wish
that I was you
thick skinned cities you drive me through
better than me youre a women
seven days and my system is free again
we rise lose it on obvious
falling away sorry for the way
your child is on fire
lick these my ruby lips
drop your protein pills
better just to lose yourself
we kiss we kiss we kiss
pretty words could never say
will you come again


breathe in breathe out
tied to a wheel fingers got to feel
I spin on a whim I slide to the right
I felt you like electric light
for our love
for our fear
for our rise against the years and years

got a machinehead better than the rest
green to red machinehead
and I walk from my machine
I walk from my machine

deaf dumb and thirty
starting to deserve this
leaning on my conscience wall
blood is like wine
unconscious all the time
if I had it all again
Id change it all


Im a man
Im real proud of my manhood
I like to smoke
ten thousand cigarettes
eight ball
I could climb any fountain
I never cry
I only bawl when Im losing
and Ive never been wrong
never been wrong
Im looking so good
looking so good

got a big gold gun
got a big gold bullet
and I guess you could say
Im real full of it
Im real full of it

Im real straight
you wanna see my peccadillos
hot dog 7:30 every morning
big into war
big into war

I am a whore
I am a whore

got a big gold gun

I shave with Gillette
shave with Gillette
and Im patting my back
patting my back
got a big gold bullet


the mind is all we kiss everything
we say we love its the skin were in
youre a retrograde a vacancy
youre the one that I love
the hate in me
lazy day on a darker breed
to have is not what its made to be
you come alone on a mass attack
sucking your tantric suck
fooling your one-eyed cat

we dont mind

we deviate our gravy brains
set em on fire theyre all the same
I am lionface
no sanchko panza
Im riddled by you
I couldve been better

Im a monkey on a drip
sucker monkey on a drip

you take such pretty photos
when will you be worthy of your good side
where will you be
when the clouds break
and it all takes
just a little more than you have
we dont mind


Must be your skin Im sinking in
must be for real cuz now I can feel
and I didnt mind
its not my kind
not my time to wonder why
everythings gone white
and everythings gray
now youre here know youre away
I dont want this
remember that
Ill never forget where youre at
dont let the days go by


Im never alone
Im alone all the time
are you at one
or do you lie
we live in a wheel
where everyone steels
but when we rise its like strawberry fields

if I treated you bad
you bruise my face
couldnt love you more
you got a beautiful face
dont let the days go by
could have been easier on you
I couldnt change though I wanted to
could have been easier by three
our old friend fear and you and me
glycerine (repeat)
dont let the days go by

I needed you more
when we wanted us less
I could not kiss just regress
it might just be
clear simple and plain
thats just fine
thats just one of my names
dont let the days go by
couldve been easier on you


well the satellite comes and goes
we give each other all we know
in silence we still talk
by the light of the stereo waltz
and will you rain down
in your cinematic love truck
I want to hold you like nothings going to stop us
she come to take me away
its all that I needed
I dont breathe another lover
fucker on a T.V. screen
everythings more than it seems
the mighty backward fall
stare at the lights on the wall
I swear to this
she felt like velvet
second blond child she meant it
she come to take me away
its all that I needed
I dont breathe another lover
Im an alien
youre an alien
its a beautiful rain
beautiful rain
beautiful rain


you only call me when youre down